Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Vespa museum in Ravenna

VespaThe new Vespa museum, called ‘Collezione Vespa Mauro Pascoli” was opened last Saturday in Ravenna, at the Mir di Fornace Zarattini, in the presence of 12,000 people.
Dedicated to the legendary scooter, the museum extends across more than 500 square metres and is part of the “Terra di Motori” group of 12 museums that includes historic bikes and cars. Of the attendance numbers, about 1000 people came from overseas for the opening.
The museum holds more than 150 exhibits of Vespa, Ape and other Piaggio vehicles, 1,500 images of posters, gatherings, photos and brochures and about 200 manuals. The exhibition comes from a private collection of a dealer in parts for vintage Vespas and includes plaques, trophies, catalogues of parts changes, service station manuals, toy models and accessories dating from 1946.


Jocosa said...

The allegorical scooter, the building extends beyond added than 500 aboveboard metres and is allotment of the Terra di Motori accumulation of 12 museums that includes celebrated bikes and cars. Of the appearance numbers, about 1000 humans came from across for the opening.
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Anonymous said...

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