Thursday, July 24, 2008

Merkmaid - One Last Kiss

Pernah dengar tentang band MERKMAID? Band yang memperjuangkan irama rock, experimental & rock ni aktif menyertai gig di sekitar JB & KL. Khabarnya, mereka bakal
beraksi di Melaka, Oktober nanti. Kini mereka dalam proses recording lagu untuk sajian anda.
Nak cari diorang untuk gig ?

Mobile: Ijan +60127513828 | Faiz +60173171713

Ini adalah sedikit info tentang band ini yang dipetik dari myspace mereka ..

We are MERKMAID is a band comes from lovely land called Malaysia, city of Batu Pahat Johore, Malacca Historial City and Terengganu Darul Iman. Which officially formed at the end of 2006, we’ve played Post Rock/Post Hardcore/ Screamo band with a spread of catchy melodic vocals. At the time, we consisted of only three band members, named Ijan PM the frontman (guitar/vocals), Faiz from malacca (bassist), and Adek as a (drummer). But as the time we’re slowly pass we change our formation because our drummer Adek had another commitment that need to quit from this band. After a while we have change our new formation, we have six line up Ijan (vocals/screamo), Ery (backup screams), Faiz (rhythm guitar), Asyraf (lead guitar), Fuad (bass) and Qayum as a drummer. MERKMAID is " Penduyung Malaya ". We will continue to rock your world, keep on rocking and we’ll never give up till we reach the end. Wait and see!

Nak dengar lagu mereka ? Click Merkmaid untuk info lanjut.
Nak tengok mereka beraksi ? Lihat flyer yang tertera.
Mereka akan beraksi di show di JB bersama Couple, Bunkface dan banyak lagi seperti yang tertera dalam flyer berikut.

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